Cloudy Pool Water: Overtaxing

Cloudy pool water is a major issue for pool service professionals and do-it–your-selfers alike. Anything but bright dazzling water is short of the mark. The picture below shows the comparison. Over the last 20 years of providing pool service, Pike Pool and Spa has learned a thing or two about avoiding this problem.

cloudy pool water comparison



Why do I have cloudy pool water?

Cloudy pool water is a symptom of an improperly balanced sanitation system. The system may be failing, or simply be overwhelmed. Simply put, there is just not enough sanitizer in the water to keep it clean. If shocking the pool fails (even after multiple attempts), a more deliberate and measured response may be called for. If you are a do-it-your-selfer this is when you may want to call in a professional. If your professional isn’t keeping the water bright, then a meeting of the minds is called for. All parties need to understand the root cause of the cloudy condition.

A common situation for pool owners is that their sanitation level is being overwhelmed.

A Few Common Examples

For example, a huge pool party occurs over the weekend. All day long thirty or so swimmers are in the pool and the temperature was adjusted up to 95 degrees. There is nothing wrong with doing this (that is why you have a pool after all). But, if you did not notify your pool company ahead of time, then the normal levels of sanitizer were probably consumed half way through the event. This means that within 2 or 3 days your pool will be looking cloudy and green. Moral of this story: Don’t keep your service company in the dark as to future major pool events. (and don’t forget to ask your college kids if they are planning a parties over the weekend!)

If you have an event coming up, let Pike Pool & Spa know ahead of time. We will be happy to come out, evaluate your chemistry, and help you prepare for a high use day.

Another common method to overwhelm the pool is with landscaping. Different trees and their maturity also will play major roles in the pools condition. As another example, in spring, Oak trees go wild. If your pool is getting pounded during this season, once a day the surface and baskets will need to be cleaned. The standard weekly pool service will not be able to manage the huge amount of debris entering the pool during this season. Extra visits may need to be scheduled, or changes to the surrounding environment may need to be made.

Proper sanitizer levels is just one part of the entire pool system that needs to be evaluated. Here are some other possible reasons water may be cloud.

  • Water chemisty
  • Filtration issues
  • Water circulation

Please remember, every pool is different and unique. Please contact us for more advice and assistance with keeping your pool water looking sparkling and fresh.