Energy Efficient Pumps Save Money in 2016




Rebates to Update to Energy Efficient Pumps? Yes!

Energy efficient pumps are becoming more popular as customers discover the savings and rebate programs available to consumers; like this one. These days there is no question that our ability to consume energy is greater than our ability to produce it, especially in the summer months.  Believe it or not pool motors make up a huge percentage of the energy consuming devices we enjoy in our homes (up to 20% according to PG&E!).

Some Considerations Before Updating Your Pumps

However, if savings is the objective there may be some obstacles to remove before you can get the most out of energy efficient pumps.  Many of our older pools were designed and constructed in a very different environment. The fluid mechanics themselves are obsolete by many generations of pool design. Todays pools are constructed with PVC plumbing and might use 3 inch sized PVC.  Yesterdays pools were typically constructed with 1 ½ copper plumbing, then improved technology enabled us to utilized 2 inch PVC and this then became common.  Needless to say, the greater the size of the plumbing, the greater the efficiency.  I am not recommending re-plumbing your entire pool just to increase energy savings. The costs to re-plumb would be tremendous. But please realize, putting todays efficient pumps with old plumbing limits the efficiency and reduces the savings to you.  If you have a pool/spa configuration with 2 horse power motor you need to run (not walk) to your nearest pool service professional and make the switch before summer really gets going.

Updating Your Equipment Pad is Critical As Well

Rather than just replace your old single speed motor with a new energy efficient variable speed motor, there might be even more that can be done. Often the goal when designing a pool equipment is to minimize space. This meant squeezing all the equipment into as little space as possible. I am referring to the filter, heater and the pump and motor.

I don’t want to turn you all into fluid engineers but we all know water likes to go in a straight line and your pads plumbing is forcing the water to corkscrew around from one piece of equipment to another.  This takes energy and your pump is asked to force the water into this water gauntlet. This loss of efficiency costs you money.

Let me give you an example. Your plumbing’s straight aways are typically connected with 90 degrees elbows. To move water through these 90 degree elbows takes about as much energy as 9 feet of straight plumbing.  It is common for your equipment pad to use about a dozen of these 90 degrees elbows.

This means, your pump could be placed about one hundred feet away and still be as efficient.

As you make the easy decision to upgrade your single speed motor, please take a look at equipment pad.  This is the time to redesign it and to truly maximize the efficiency of your variable speed motor.