The Pool is Green in Rio: Not in Pasadena

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Algae Made the Pools Green in Rio. Don’t let it happen to you.

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The pools are green in Rio, and for pool professionals this is the worse case scenario. Don’t you feel the agony, for whoever is supposed to be taking care of the Olympic diving pool?  This is what we, in the business, call an algae bloom.  It’s a complete filtration system failure. Judging by the slow rate of recovery, they have some major obstacles to overcome. Equipment, personnel, and water chemistry have all failed.

In fact, the latest word is that a pool tech mistakenly used hydrogen peroxide in the pool and neutralized all of the chlorine. This made for a perfect algae friendly environment. The lesson is that good pool maintenance starts with knowledgable and conscientious technicians.

Now lets be clear, I have never been to Rio and I have no idea what is going on specifically with that pool. But, there are some things every body of water share.  First off, algae happens, and it happens all the time everywhere.

At Pike Pool & Spa we strive to create sparkling clear water. This is accomplished with clean filters, proper water chemistry, including but not limited to algaecides, water clarifiers and sanitizers.

If I where in charge, I’d have drained that pool on day one and started over. But lets just say, I’m sure glad I’m not an Olympic diver.

But to honor this rather odd occurrence, Pike Pool is offering a green to clean special, just while the Olympics continue:

Free Algae Treatment and Free Filter Cleaning for any of you that may be sharing in the greenness of the Olympics. Spread the word and tell your friends! Please call for details.