5 Great Tools for Calculating Pool Volume

A common questions we will hear is: “How much water is in my pool?” It is an important question for pool owners, so we have sought our some of the best pool volume calculators. Knowing the volume of water in your pool is critical when:Determining proper amount of chemicals for treatmentEstimating ownership costsAdding or improving properly[…]

Pool Cover: Is One Right for You?

Getting the right tool for the right job was always something my grandfather would stress to me. Pool covers are no different, and choosing the right one is more complex decision than they first appear. Each pool is part of an environment, part of its own backyard’s eco-system. Pool covers have some plusses and minuses[…]

Energy Efficient Pumps Save Money in 2016

    Rebates to Update to Energy Efficient Pumps? Yes! Energy efficient pumps are becoming more popular as customers discover the savings and rebate programs available to consumers; like this one. These days there is no question that our ability to consume energy is greater than our ability to produce it, especially in the summer months.  Believe[…]