June 26, 2016

Pool & Spa Energy Consultation

Pike Pool and Spa is your premier choice for energy consultation. Energy savings is a big deal, especially in Pasadena, Ca. Don't needlessly pay more for your pool when a few simple improvements can create huge savings. Enjoy your pool with the peace of mind that comes from saving money and conserving energy. 

Our Energy Consultation services include:

  • Energy Efficient Pump Recommendations
  • Circulation & Filtration System Evaluation
  • Equipment Replacement/Updating
  • Pool Timing & Control Systems
  • Recommendations for Reducing Heat/Water Loss

Local & Reliable

You can always count on us to make sure your pool is perfect and ready for your effortless enjoyment. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, which is why our qualified professionals always pay attention to detail. We review and adjust the water chemistry, brush down the tiles and check the water level. All debris is removed from the pool both on the surface and the bottom. We also empty all the baskets and leaf traps.

Maintenance & Inspection

Keeping a pool at optimal condition is about more than just sweeping and scrubbing. At Pike Pool and Spa we also provide regular maintenance checks for your pool and supporting systems. All equipment is regularly inspected for early warning signs of upcoming problems. We can also review your equipment's installation and capabilities to ensure it meets your current needs. We can even provide suggestions for improvements to create longer life for your pool equipment and greatly reduce cost. We believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of prevention.

On Call Support

If you live in (or around) Pasadena, CA, your search for pool services is easier than you think. If you are looking for regular service, or just a one time need, then give us a call. We’ve got an experienced team ready to make sure your pool & spa are in optimal condition. You can always expect great work from us because we’re trying to win you as a lifetime customer! Give us a call when you’re ready for professional work, friendly support, and reliable service.